A general overview of me :)

Hello everyone! I am a dark fantasy writer, a geek, otaku, bit of a gamer, and an anglophile. Roman Catholic too (very important), and I try to spread the word about depression/OCD and similar mental issues having suffered from them myself.

Mostly this is a blog about writing, my life, and my stories. I want to be a well-known author, I want people to read my work. Storytelling been a constant part of my life for a decade, and I think I’m now both good enough and confident enough to finish something (soon), and actually publish it.

I’m at 9.5K on my current work, Larkspur, a novella I’m estimating to be around 25K when done (but this is the story that was supposed to be 7K at the start). So far it’s gotten good feedback, I’ve even managed to get Brandon Sanderson to look and he approved!

I’ll keep you guys updated, and post the draft here as well.

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