The Importance of Art

So, I’m sitting here refreshing a webpage for the third day in a row waiting for a fanfic update. It’s a good fanfic (Sookie/Eric where Sookie has some common sense and awesome fae-ness, and Eric is well- Eric), I pride myself in being able to find rare goodies online (Hufflepuff <3). And it just struck me that my days revolve around art.

Nothing else takes up the majority of my attention. Or your attention. A book, a show, a song- it's all art. It's the first thing anyone grabs with a few moments of spare time- mp3player, kindle, see what you recoded on TV last night. Hell, I'm going to the movies tonight to see Gravity in IMAX-3D because good 3D still blows my mind.

Right now I'm listening to a song. Sherclop Pones's remix of 'Pinkie's Brew' which in and of itself is a parody-fan-song written and sung for a web-series (Friendship is Witchcraft) taken from a show (Friendship is Magic) derived from a series of toys (My Little Pony). I also have versions dubbed by fans into Russian, and Polish.

Art begets art.

I'm thinking about what to mention I've done lately that has held my attention and isn't art. I don't have an answer. Started playing the GOTY version of Dishonored- the attention to detail is filling my head with ideas for stories. Don't have a 3DS so can't be sucked into Pokemon X and Y, but still following it closely- it sold 4 Million copies in two days. And have you SEEN the graphics and random small additions? Bench-sitting!

At University- not only do I listen to music for the drive to and from classes, my courses this semester are history and media and literature. Original fairy tales, Disney versions, we've watched Memento and Blade Runner (along with Brave and Mulan). Oh, and HBO's mini series on John Adams, which took great pains to be as accurate as possible in the smallest ways.

I think I had a point when I started this post, but now I'm mostly just in awe with the amount of art and beauty and work that surrounds me. What would life be without it? There are people who say that art is not important- but what would you do without it? I feel like writing stories has suddenly gotten so much more important in just the course of writing out these thoughts.

And that fanfic- it's far more than just a fanfic. It's also realizing that this fic is based on a TV series, based on a set of books, taken from literary subculture, taken from mythology… and instead of being diluted in some way, it's only been strengthened until the point where, as I said, I am refreshing a page for the 3rd day in a row wanting to know what happens. I will stop important studying, or put off lunch, to see if there's more and read it in that very moment should it update.

Then later I'll probably find something in it that'll inspire me, and I'll weave it into a story that gets read, and which may then inspire someone to write their own fanfic from– and the art just continues to multiply and influence more people with each iteration.

It's escapism, it's fantasy. Soldiers play FPS games, Doctors (and everyone else) find Surgeon Simulator hilarious. It's a step-back from real life, but that assumes real-life is without art. And what sort of life would that be?

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