Working on writing stuff

I thought I’d be able to start and keep a blog, as I quite like talking to myself and the aether. But with blogs I feel I have to write a lot. It’s good to have a place to upload WIP, but for small nonsense- twitter covers that well.

That said, I can still try. Working on the world-wiki; both a personal version with lots of notes and spoilers, and an online version for what I have done so far. Helpful at keeping everything organized and looking spiffy. (Yeah, for the moment the public wiki is still set to private if you click the link at the side, as I’ve nothing properly published and a lot of information still gets changed here and there).

I think I have a real beginning, middle, and end to Larkspur in mind as well. The more I flesh it out the more it seems it’ll be a short novel. The original concept was quite sparse, and that could be a short story, but that felt just like a scene without backstory.

Basically I have no idea what I’m doing and how to structure a story.

Working on it though; I’ll figure something out

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