‘Almost done’

I’ve been ‘almost done’ with Larkspur for months. I thought I’d have it finished by Christmas, then by New Year’s, then by my birthday… and every day has come and gone. I thought I’d finish this week during Spring Break, and with classes on Monday I’m not sure I’ll manage that either.

I’m not trying to lie, or be lazy, or not-write. It just sort of happens. I’m at 11,397 words in a novelette I want to be at least ~15K. 3/4ths of it is done, and I’m happy and proud of it. I just have to wrap it up, come up with a good place to end, and post it on Kindle.

But I can’t get that last 1/4th done. Where I want to end right now will leave me short of my wordcount goal, but adding more for the sake of numbers seems bad. I know the moment I finish this story my ‘real’ writing career starts- and if I want to gain any sort of reader-base I need to write and post regularly. But it’s been taking me years to get this far in Larkspur. I’ve dealt with a lot of self-doubt throughout all this, and come out for the better, but it’s still difficult.

I can’t take years for the next story. Not in this posting-every-other-day internet field. A month between updates and you assume the creator has died, or been kidnapped at least. I need to post a good story every two weeks, or every month, consistently.

I know people who do it, I know it’s very possible. I should be one of those people. I have years of backstory and plots and daydreams that just could do no better than a regular story series.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

Back to writing then. Hopefully I’ll be able to post ‘I’m Done!’ in the near future.

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