KDP Select

I plan to publish my stories with KDP Select- meaning they will only be for digital sale with kindle on Amazon. This may seem silly to some, mostly because I have a Nook, and also because lately I’ve just taken to reading ebooks on my phone with MoonReader+

But my books are going to be DRM free. Meaning if you have the file, you can do whatever you want with it. It’s yours. You can copy it, put it on 354 different devices, and even change the file format.

Using Calibre is best, it’s a great ebook management tool http://calibre-ebook.com/ it’ll store, sort, and look over your digital library. You can also use it to change the format of books- a mobi/azw file, like for kindle, could be turned into an epub, or pdf. So I am NOT cutting out people who don’t have a kindle, I wouldn’t do that (though, it is true you can now just read kindle books with an app, or on your computer). With KDP Select there are many benefits that I like (like the 5 free promo days over a 90 day period. I want to have a ‘free books’ day at least once a month), and so I decided to keep to that as my only means of distributions.

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