Story info, covers, sequel!

Two new covers, another one for Larkspur and one for its sequel Spadille. They showcase the themes of the story- taking place in the kingdom of Triumphe, the four main duchies are named after playing card suits: 

Cœurs – The Duchy of Hearts (the royal family is associated with Cœurs)
Trèfles – The Duchy of Clovers
Carreaux – The Duchy of Diamonds
Piques – The Duchy of Spades (Pierre’s Duchy)

Each cover also has a specific card portrayed on it- the Queen of Hearts for Larkspur, and the Ace of Spades for Spadille.

These stories take place in the realm of Clandestina, where the illegal and immoral magic of necrocræft is a whispered rumour throughout the noble families. It is an understanding and manipulation of life and death far past that of the physical healing and surgery most of Clandestina is known for. The princeling Pierre Salvador, fostered by the roi Edgard since the age of thirteen, has also since then been a student of the cræft, and dearly beloved by Mora, the Lady of Death. Returning home after an early graduation from medical university, Pierre wishes to finish his studies in magic as well, but finds himself smitten by the comte’s daughter Elizabeth Anne.


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