Larkspur is up!

Ohmygoodness, oh my fucking goodness gracious, Larkspur is up! I am ridiculously happy and hyped, it is 3:30am, and I am truly thinking tonight will be a lovely sleepness night. I am now an officially published author, having not only finished a book, but deciding I could let others buy it! And it’s on AMAZON! In multiple countries!!

The story is $2.99 at the moment in the kindle store. It’s still being ‘published’ with Amazon, so it won’t let me change it to free just yet. I assume that shows up when it goes ‘Live.’ If you’re reading this in a few hours it might already be free. I only ask if you do get it for free that, when finished, you leave a review! It would be an enormous help ❤ And join the mailing list! It’s off to the left and, oh hell- here you go: I’ll be sending emails about new stories (which I hope to write very soon) and promotional days (plus extra things, like early scenes from the next book)!

Some details for those who might not be aware: Larkspur is a 14.5K novelette set in the kingdom of Triumphe, in the realm of Clandestina. It is a realm where the dark magic of necrocræft can be practiced, if one is not caught and sentenced to death for it of course. Pierre Salvador, a duc fostered by the roi, is both a student of medicine and a suitor of Death, learning as much as he can about saving, taking, and returning lives. When he returns to court after finishing his studies, he meets up with a childhood friend– the lady Elizabeth Anne, and falls in love. But his attention is torn between the lovely daughter of the comte, and the lady of death herself.

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