Self-publishing is so fun!

I am having so much fun self-publishing. There’s so much freedom to it! I find an error- fix it, reupload, and it’s all good. I decided I’d prefer an earlier version of the cover, and I’m updating it in a few minutes when my last change finishes going through.

Keywords! I used it more like a tagging system, but was informed of how certain categories are flagged with certain keywords, so that’s what I just changed now. It should be under varying interesting categories soon, like witches and wizards, and paranormal.

Also emailed a few bloggers, asking if they’d like to read/review Larkspur. I do have an interview with a friend who has a fantasy-website as well. 1K down with Spadille, vol 2 of The Courting of Life and Death, and it’s the weekend- time to write.

Good times are here, finally.

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