Too short

Got a second review on Larkspur today! Another 4 Star, with the same issue as the first—it was short.

It’s only 14.5K. You’re right, it is short. Hopefully a little sweet, and twisted, but short all the same. I’ve been working on Larkspur for 2 years. Not because it was a lot to write, but I couldn’t do more than a few sentences or pages at a time. I rewrote and edited and tried to perfect what I had. And perfection is impossible. So I often decided it was all shit, and I’m a useless writer as well. And while not deleting it, I would leave it entirely alone for days or weeks. Time piled up.

I wanted to finally finish this story and get my work out there. I did that. I’m proud of that.

I do wish it was longer, though. There were things I didn’t have time to write because I set a hard end-date for myself. In some ways that’s ok, the story doesn’t veer off into any subplots. A bit of family, but mostly it’s a short romance.

Spadille, volume 2, will be (I’m hoping) at least 25K. Longer than that maybe. If I can find a rhythm, and work on my thoughts-to-wordcount ratio, maybe I’ll get into the habit of writing a lot fast. Spadille will have more plot threads, more veering off and secondary characters. I think there will be a volume three, and then the ‘Court of Life and Death’ series will end there. I’ll have an omnibus, probably put Larkspur on .99 or free, and start the next series.

Note that when I do finish this series, it is not the last of Pierre, Clandestina, or necrocræft. I have a lot of stories to tell in that realm, about that family, extended family, and all the rest. A stand-alone story about Ophion and how he met his adopted daughter, Eglė, is in the works as well.

So yes, in a few months, when Spadille is out (and the third volume), Larkspur will just be your first taste. The undertone of flowers and blood that leads you to more, and does not promise something that is yet out of reach.

3 thoughts on “Too short

  1. i too have had a similar issue. I put out a short novella (11,000) words and have limited success. although reviews have been generally positive, the ability to get someone to pay for a short novella has been challenging. I still believe in the concept…I think that there is a market for short, easy to read, inexpensive, character-driven stories for people without a lot of time.

    I wish you the best on your work. I think I will take a gander at your story.

    • I think a good short story is perfect supplementary material, even if the main work is just a large world to explore through many short tales. I hope to do something like this, but maybe with higher general wordcounts. And you’re right, some people just want a shorter story to read, enjoy, and have done in a day or two. Some of the most thought-provoking stories I’ve read were under 10K.

      Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy. You’re on my ‘to read’ list as well 🙂

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