Amazon *sigh*

I’m signed up with KDP Select. It’s 90 days, exclusive to Amazon. You get some free days for marketing purposes. The thing is, Amazon has been wonky lately. Everyone is having diminishing sales, the keywords aren’t working right, and it’s just.. blah.

Final straw– Amazon just emailed me saying that, even though I had added several hundred words of content, fixed errors, and asked them to update the work, they have not found ‘enough’ to inform those that have already bought the book to update it.

I’m thinking of breaking my KDP Select contract and upload to Kobo/B&N and such anyway. I don’t think they can do much more than kick me out of Select, which I’m very ok with. I know my other stories will not be tied to Amazon.

EDIT: Ok, I won’t break Select. I said I’d give 90 days, I will. đŸ˜› I might as well use the free promo days anyway.

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