Cover, and sales

I’m still not sure about Larkspur’s cover. I love it, but that doesn’t mean other people do. Or that they’ll be inclined to check out my story based on it. It’s fairly gothic, and I think now that the blood’s more prominent and red you can see it on the thumbnail. But it doesn’t really say romance, does it? The subtitle does (A Necromancer’s Romance) and also puts it into context as paranormal/dark fantasy. Yet I’m barely getting a sale a day- and that’s only if I take the time to remind people I have a book out. Should I change the cover? Or am I just being impatient? I’ve only been a published author for about three weeks. My reviews are good, I’ve certainly had compliments about the cover. Maybe I just need time. And to write the next story, giving them more reason to look into a short book one.

50 people now subscribe to my blog, by the way, which is awesome. I’d like to hear some of your thoughts- do you like the cover, would it cause you to pick up the book? Have you read my story, does the cover ‘fit’ with it, or not? Or just say hello, that would be nice too ❤

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