I added a bit more to Larkspur

Not a lot. Like 3 sentences. And they were sentences that I only realized had to be there after I started writing Spadille. I had made mention of Clandestina being a land of healers, and how this forced many of the spirits of death away. Upon rereading I realized this made it sound like illness and death weren’t a problem. This isn’t true. In some ways it’s more of a problem because there are few governing spirits of death, and mortal healers can only do so much. So compared to other lands, you have a higher survival rate in Clandestina after you’re wounded. The healers know their stuff, there are surgeons, etc. But at the same time ‘acts of God’ cannot be controlled. A plague is a plague, and one is more likely to show up in Clandestina to even the score because so many people are surviving physical wounds that should be fatal.

I’m learning a lot of this as I go along. I’ve had Pierre and these characters in my head for about ten years. I know them well. But at the same time this has gone through so many changes, and thinking about it is different than writing it out. It’s like a different part of the brain is being used. So as I’m typing I come up with twists I didn’t realize were there, and yet make total sense.

The problem being, I’m writing volume 2, and volume 1 is out. Again, I fixed it, but I’ve had 37 buys and over 1000 downloads. Some people might be confused.

I am going to try and keep explaining this in volume 2 and hope it doesn’t seem like a contradiction. I have to email Amazon and get them to update everyone’s files. Which really should be an automatic process, but that’s a rant for another post.

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