My final final is tomorrow. Essay due before 4pm. Meaning, after 4pm I am free. For a little while. I have summer classes (all online) and my boyfriend will be in town for two weeks (we’re long distance, haven’t seen each other in person in 3 years). But aside from that… summer gets devoted to writing.

I will plot out and find a reasonable deadline for Delphinium. It will be done this summer. How early or late in summer depends on how quickly I get my ass in gear, but it will be this summer. I’ve started the writing thing, no more dragging and breaking deadlines for months at a time. It’s a job now. An amazingly fun and awesome job, but a job.

Now, stories: There is  Famula, the side-novel about Ophion and Eglė, which has been a little sketched out. And I want to start a series in Ibella and probably Astrarctia soon as well. Going to try and not juggle a thousand works at a time, but I’ll be busy. I want to get to where I can write at a stupidly fast pace and just let my worlds and characters finally be.

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