130 copies sold!

Hey guys! Just popping in real quick to give an update and some news. As of today I’ve sold 130 copies of Larkspur ❤ I have over 20 reviews throughout varying countries on Amazon and Goodreads, averaging out to a lovely 4.5stars. The main complaint seems to be that it’s so short!

My boyfriend, my dear summer guest, is here for the last day and while it’s terribly sad that he’ll be away for months, I will have time to get writing. More blog coming up, more writing, and I’m going to start putting together a great newsletter and start sending those out- I have 4 subscribers now!


Link to Larkspur, still only 99cents 🙂

2 thoughts on “130 copies sold!

  1. I’ve downloaded it,although I admit I haven’t read it yet. This is the curse of ebooks; if something isn’t on a shelf where I see it every day it can get overlooked. 😦

    • It’s quite alright, I’ve been busy and unable to get anything read ebook or otherwise. Perhaps start it tonight? 😀 Thanks again for getting it!

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