I’m not sick. Not yet. But my brother is, and as he seemed to have caught it from work, there’s a high chance that it’s contagious.. and I’m totally going to get sick too. I’m the one with the poor immune system who always finds herself ill. Blah. Hopefully it’ll get me after Delphinium is out, but I can type and feel like shit at the same time if I gotta. Going to hate it if this pushes the release date back further. I am so unprofessional 😦 (But as the Wachowski’s new film just got pushed back several months, at least I know it isn’t only the newbs who cock up).

Aside from that things aren’t bad. I bought a dozen indie books today from various writers in /r/fantasy, that was fun. I have tea, and I’m trying to stay up and write a fair amount. I keep getting ideas for other stories. And the plot points for this that I had in place keep moving around. But hey- I’m a writer, and this is my thing. Last minute tea-binge and sleep-deprived typing that’s mostly me and sometimes my muse. Love it ❤

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