Rereading Larkspur

I got a 2star review on Goodreads today. Well, rating, there was no review attached. I did send the reviewer a message asking about her thoughts, but I dunno if I’ll get anything back.

Anywho, I pulled up the file and began rereading. I thought maybe I’d add something, or find some glaring error that I missed. A lot of folk haven’t gotten a copy yet, maybe I can fix this before it gets worse.

And yet after a bit I closed the file without changing a thing. I like it as it is. Time hasn’t changed that. I’m still proud of the words.. I mean, I guess they can be better. That’s always the case with literally everything. But in general they are good, nothing stands out as something I *need* to change.

It is a little short, and the end a bit rushed, but I want to have this as a free ‘prologue’ of sorts for the whole series- so short works. And as for rushed- I planned to write out the dinner scene, but that would have just created padding. We don’t know much anything about Pierre’s family at this point- and that’s ok. Writing a few pages where they all talk just for there to be a bigger wordcount would have hurt. Larkspur is about Pierre and Lizzy, and Pierre and his magic.

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