Thank you Brandon Sanderson!

I struggle with writing. With self-esteem, with depression, and OCD as well. It took me 2 years to write Larkspur because I’d have a few sentences written, decide they were terrible, erase them and then not write for three weeks.

About a year ago during a down-time, fantasy writer and professor Brandon Sanderson did an AMA (Q&A) on reddit. I had 3000 words of Larkspur done, that I’d edited and rewrote a million times. It was online and I asked him if he could read it.

He did. He replied “This sample is good. You’ve got a distinct style and it practically drips from the page. The constant motion of the piece, the fluidity, was moving and engaging. Keep going.”

It made my day. My week, month, year- all of it. I may have spammed the quote to a thousand people because ohmygoodness, Brandon Sanderson liked my work! It was what I held onto when I thought my work was shit, and it got me to finish.

I sent him a message not too long ago that I published Larkspur. He wrote me back saying that he would try to read the whole thing and give me a quote if he had the time.

I had a sale this morning. Not having done any marketing lately with working on Delphinium, I’m going to imagine it was Brandon Sanderson getting a copy. This is officially the coolest thing to happen to me, ever.

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