Awesome news and bad news

Awesome: I wrote a post on reddit about Brandon Sanderson helping me (in r/fantasy). It exploded. I’ve had 77 sales since yesterday afternoon. I officially broke 200 sales- hell, I hit 225. I can’t even..

Bad news: got two 1star reviews over on Goodreads. In a row. One said nothing, the other just “didn’t like it.”

But you know what? I don’t think I even care that much, the amazing support so far is erasing the self-esteem issues. I’ve had far far many more people ask for more and hope I write Delphinium faster.

I have an AMA in r/fantasy on the 23rd, aiming to have Delphinium up for that. Wish me luck. Imma go say a prayer to St. Tolkien (Oh, like he’s not in Heaven).

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