245 copies sold

Holy shit. With the huge bump from r/fantasy a few days ago I just tallied up my sales across all platforms. I’ve sold 245 copies of Larkspur since its publication. The vast majority from Amazon, but 9 from draft2digital (kobo, nook, etc). I’ve made over $100 on my book!

24 reviews at Amazon.com by the way, 50/50 with 5star and 4star. Goodreads is harsher, with some 3stars, a 2, and those two 1s.. but even so, I had to expect that eventually.

It’s Wednesday, my r/fantasy Writer of the Day is scheduled for the 23rd, next Wednesday. Really want Delphinium done by then. I know I keep saying that, and seemingly not finishing. Had a meh few days again. Not bad, nothing’s wrong, I just can’t seem to focus and get myself all together. Attempting to work on that. I’m going to go get some tea.

No promises, but I will attempt to finish the first section completely by the time I go to bed and have it up here for preview purposes 🙂

EDIT: The Writer of the Day is the 23rd. My cakeday is the 27th.

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