Price experiment

Well, today’s promo didn’t get me any sales. A pity, but it was only $5 and that’s alright. I think I got some views at least and maybe it’ll interest someone later on.

In other news, I’m trying the ‘bump my price’ thing again. I attempted it a few weeks ago but it didn’t go through and I just kept Larkspur at .99cents. Now I’m moving the Draft2Digital price up first, and then I’ll change Amazon so that they don’t have a problem with competing lower prices.

I’m doing this for two reasons: 1) interest. I just sort of want to know if I’d still get sales the same way, or more or less, for 2 bucks more. Yes, Larkspur is short. But 99cents looks cheap.. and anyways (this is 2) I’ve also seen books that are far shorter than Larkspur and they do sell at 2.99.

I’m in my last week of summer courses, so writing essays and taking exams still, should be free by next week.

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