ARC – Advanced Reader’s Copy

So I’ve worked out a solution to my problem. I want to write, and quickly, and have books out asap. The thing is I’ve also finally succumb to the idea that I need an editor. Here’s where things get a little difficult.

Amazon (and Kobo, Nook, iTunes) let’s you change the file of your book whenever you want. In a matter of hours the new version will be up for grabs. This is really cool.

Now I’ve been working on Delphinium for a while now. Longer than I should have, but in other cases it’s still been a short while since Larkspur is half the length and took me 2 years. So as soon as I finish Delphinium I want to put it up for all you lovely people who have been waiting.

Thing is, my editor has given me October 9th as a time to send over Delphinium. I assume that I’ll be finished by then, and I’ll frankly feel bad about an almost-done draft sitting on my computer while I know folk are waiting.

Bring in the concept of ARCs. I will put up the ‘final draft’ version of Delphinium on the sites, labeling is as an ARC, and have it for sale at a discounted price. 99cents, as opposed to the 2.99 for the final go. Then when the draft comes back from the editor I’ll switch out the files, up the price, and everything will be hunky dory.

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