Hey again! Also worldbuilding.

I’ve started listening to the self-publishing podcast again. Forgot how assuring and motivational it was to just listen to indie authors talk amongst themselves.

I have been away for almost a month, no online presence in terms of my writer-self. I even didn’t bother with the self-promo thread in /r/fantasy. My facebook release party died, and so did my ‘beta draft’ blog.. thing. At least I’m making all these mistakes with a limited amount of eyes on me, hopefully I can learn from it all.

That said, I am writing. I’m pleased with what I have in Delphinium so far. I haven’t given up, though it seems I’ve become the embodiment of slow and kinda-steady. I world-built a bit, wrote a bit, and I’m finding the joy in writing again. With the fall/winter months most of my joy disappeared, and it’s nice that it’s back.

So, let’s talk about Noctuina’s solar system. It has our 9 planets (including Earth as Gaia) and then a lot more. From planets that were thought to have existed in our world, to hypothetical planets and astrological bodies, there are 42 planets I’ve come up with. There’s also the sun, and an anti-sun (Nemesis). Plus a lot of moons for varying planets, and several groups of asteroids. My vague concept right now is that said planets are a visual representation of other planes of existence. How the moons and asteroids tie in is also important, but still vague too.

Now, Noctuina is the 7th planet. For perspective Meurzh/Mars is 5th and Iovis/Jupiter is 10th. Rex is the 6th planet, and represents the plane of Faery. Rex has 8 asteroids associated with it, all named after the 4 Queens and Kings of Faery (Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring). Because it is so close, people can sometimes stumble into Faery.

The 8th planet is Theia. Her moons are important– There are 4: Morpheus, Phantasos, Phobetor, Thanatos.

You may recognize some of those names- Morpheus often called the god of Dreams, and Thanatos is the embodiment of Death (Greek mythology). They, along with Phantasos and Phobetor, are siblings. They’re the gods of dreams.

They are also planes of existence- though they can only be reached with the soul/spirit. Thanatos is where Mora lives. When you die in Noctuina, you go to Thanatos for a time, before heading to a more permanent (but not eternal) afterlife. The other moons are Dreams, Nightmares, and ‘regular’ dreams that everyone has- vague places and plots, but not realms you can exist in.

Thanatos (and large parts of Rex) is connected to Clandestina. The other three are connected to Ibella- I have a whole set of stories about several people who can while asleep enter the planes of Dreams and Nightmares, and how they are scorned for this. Which, now that I can see it has an association with death, doesn’t surprise me.

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