More updates!

So much stuff going on, likely going to be hectic until the end of the year (and a few days into it). Seems Kobo and Nook are shutting down for Christmas, not allowing new self published books to be put up for a few days, and while I’m not sure if Amazon has the same policy it’s probable. Delphinium likely won’t be out before Christmas, but soon after.

My wordpress premium account has also been refunded, because there was a little mistake on my side. Confused and (jeez, I wonder why). My great new PR guy is moving The Noctuinad blog over to, where custom plug-ins can make the website in general a thousand times more awesome than it is now.

I’m still recovering from the Legend of Korra finale, so when all those feels have had time to settle it’s back to writing. Oh, and I got a B for my class this semester and I officially have all the hours I need to graduate! I can’t actually graduate until May since I was too late to apply… BUT I’m technically finished with University!

Hope everyone’s dealing with finals, life, the Holidays, and having a good time 🙂

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