New Website –

Heya everyone! There have been a lot of changes going on lately, but many off-screen and a little slow with the holidays going on.

I changed my main website from a to a self-hosted – right now it’s almost identical to my blog, but it allows me greater freedom to change widgets, themes, and add in things like a bar up top for those that want to subscribe to my mailing list. is the new site. I will no longer be posting here, and this blog will go offline soon. I can’t move my followers from here to there sadly, so if you want to continue to see what I’m doing please follow the blog. It is the ‘enter email’ widget on the right of the page. The email list at the top of the page is for the Noctuinad Mailing list, including story information and extra tidbits (when I get around to them). By all means feel free to sign up there too 🙂

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