Retcons – Plwto, Thanatos, and Akhlys

The problem with on-going series is that the more you write/add/make up, the more things that were once true aren’t any longer.

I’ve uploaded another version of Larkspur. I changed one word. I’m updating the Amazon version and getting ready to put it up on Draft2Digital as well.

The word was ‘Thanatos’ the name for Mora’s realm. I changed it to Akhlys. Previously, before Thanatos, it was called Plwto.

Now why can’t I settle on a name for the realm of the dead? Is it really that important? (Yes, yes it is).

The cosmos of my world, while mostly stable, is still being worked on. Given I only have one short novelette published, you get the barest glimpse of my world, but I still want it all to be right.

I have ~40 planets in my solar system. Many of those planets have moons, and there are miscellaneous asteroids, centaurs, and other smaller space objects. These are all important, as they are either alternate planes of existence, states of being, or personifications of concepts.

Plwto is, as you can imagine, our Pluto. Which like our planet was named after a Roman god, the god of the dead, whose realm was also called Pluto. I just thought I’d keep that realm as the land of the dead. Simple.

Then I started playing around with themes more. Theia, another hypothetical planet I’ve used that is right next to Noctuina, was given moons it hadn’t previously. They are Morpheus, Phantasos, Phobetor, and Thanatos. You may recognize some of the names (more mythology, though on the Greek side of things). They are some of the Oneiroi, children (or siblings) of Night and Sleep- visions of humans, physical objects, beasts, and Death. The first three are all related to dreams/nightmares and what we see in them.

Now in Ibella, a realm quite close to Clandestina, people may have the ability to go to the realms of Dreams and Nightmares. I tied this all together with the moons, and decided that then Thanatos should be the realm of the dead. It would also give a reason that those dreamers were disliked in their land- it was tied in with another plane of existence, another planet, and was therefore ‘other’, and also related to Death.

Now then.. why have I changed Thanatos to Akhlys?

Thanatos still exists. But I had mentioned that that was all Mora’s realm, implying other planets were more lands of the dead. I liked that and went with it. But Mora, as mentioned in the story, isn’t an actual goddess. She doesn’t have as much power as she claims to. So Thanatos as a whole is not hers, she only control Akhlys (Mist of Death) a place where people go for a time before they are judged saved of damned (which are now also on Thanatos and not other planets). It also gives a more clear restriction to the powers of a necrocræft user- once outside of the mist, they have no more power.

A small change. Give that I’ve only sold 330 copies of my book, I doubt anyone will remember. Still writing this up on the off-change someone’s confused though (and to show you how much thought goes into all this for the curious).

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