15K to 50K

Larkspur is about 15,000 words. 60 pages or so. On one hand it was the longest completed thing I’d ever written. Still is, as Delphinium isn’t done yet. I had thought to go with the whole short-and-fast ‘episodic’ sort of thing kindle authors were doing a lot. I knew I could write quick if I put my mind to it, and frankly- I wanted to be able to say something was finished. That I could do it.

On the other hand, as several reviewers have pointed out, it’s short. It was released over a year ago and there isn’t a sequel yet. I realized it myself soon after I hit publish, and began calling it the appetizer to the series. The extended prologue.. and really that is what it is. The first sliver of story that honestly does sort of end like I decided “done!” and hit publish. It was supposed to be a cliffhanger for when the next story came out, hopefully like a month or two later..

But that short-and-fast writing thing failed. Life got in the way. School, trying to get ‘real’ work, family.. and now it’s been over a year.

And I have a prologue with no story.

I’m trying to make it up with Delphinium. I really hope it is worth the wait. As I write it, I feel it’s better, and I can’t wait to show it off.

Originally the wordcount for the second book was going to be 30K-35K. A bit over twice what Larkspur has. But the more I write the more plot threads show up, and I find myself weaving an ever-lengthening tapestry. The estimated wordcount is now closer to 50K- an actual short novel, as opposed to Larkspur’s cute novelette thing.

I’ve sifted through a lot of life by now. I graduated university, looking for a real job seems far easier now that I have a degree, and things are slowly falling into place.

So the idea that I’ll write short and fast is now gone. I’m ok with longer stories that take some more time, because I love the feeling of sinking into a tale only to find myself emerging three days later unsure of when I actually ate or slept, but as God as my witness I knew I hadn’t put the book down for more than 30 seconds.

I just spent the entire afternoon reading a story actually. I feel full and empty at the same time. How I love stories.

The point is, I’m writing more. I’m writing quicker than before as well, but there’s more to write. Delphinium, which I have said for weeks and months ‘will be out soon’ well.. will be out soon. When I finish. I have some beta readers too, so it’ll be less of a hasty done-and-publish sort of thing. Then it’ll be up for sale, Larkspur will be put as the permanently free gateway-drug to necrocræft, Clandestina, and the fée, and I’ll get to working on Book 3, Aconitella.

Thank you for your patience, kindness, support, and a host of other loving verbs.

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