Another free day, and A Necromancer’s Home

I got my mojo back! I start a part time teaching job today which seems to have helped 🙂 I always did find motivation in class, wonder how *teaching* will affect me.

Larkspur’s free again too (from Monday to Wednesday), and as of now (before noon) I’ve already given away 124 copies! Seems the ad I bought and subsequently forgot about helped.

It’s still technically summer, but not for too long, and book 2 isn’t out yet… Delphinium is still growing and should be 70-75K by the end (compared to Larkspur’s mere 15K). It will be done as soon as possible. I have some beta readers chosen this time around too, so hopefully it’ll be extra polished when first released (unlike Larkspur, which I tweaked for weeks after initial release).

The sub-title of Delphinium has changed too. It was A Necromancer’s Love, and was originally a far shorter story with two or three plots tied together– not that complicated. It was supposed to be, after all, just another small volume. Now I’m guessing there are three or four more plots woven in, and there is far more to it than just Pierre, Lizzy, and his magic.

I still kick myself for making Larkspur so short and ending so fast, but I can’t do much about it now. It’s the prologue, the short story that was later turned into a book series, the ‘before the theme’ scene.  It isn’t much, but hopefully it’s interesting, and you’ll be getting ‘the rest’ asap.

Glad to be back.

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