I keep forgetting to interact with people. I think part of it is because of who I am and how I grew up. I didn’t have many friends in school. I liked to sit alone and read, or think and make up stories. (I actually started making up long-term, continuous stories in middle school because I sat next to two older girls who ignored me on the bus ((we were three to a bus seat, which now that I think back wasn’t really safe either))).

I suppose it’s because of this that I do write and for that I’m grateful. But it also means I’m horrid at keeping in touch. Save for a few very select people in my life, if you’re not around I sort of.. forget you exist. I don’t mean it in a mean or bad way, it’s just that I’ll log on facebook for the first time in five months and realize people talk and interact every day and I haven’t been around.

This seems to extend to my marketing and online presence. I have twitter, I have this blog, I even make a subreddit for myself because I spend most of my online time on reddit. But as you can see from the sparse and often repetitive entries, I show up once in a while to confirm I’m still living, and then disappear again.

I also don’t have much to say about Delphinium, so when I do remember to come post I tend to talk myself out of it because I feel bad it isn’t done yet.

All that said, I had a few free days for Larkspur this week. I paid 15 bucks to get it mentioned in a newsletter and had one of the best free-days I’ve ever done with almost 400 borrows on that day. What surprised me is that now, after three free days, there are still people for some reason picking up my book for cash. I had 5 sales in the last three days, after no pick ups for a month.

While it may seem obvious to some that keeping in touch and building a fanbase is part of the work, I wasn’t getting it. Or, that is, I was- but I thought it would be more an annoyance than a help if I posted about stuff that wasn’t “Delphinium is done.” I kept away, thinking “as soon as I finish I’ll go back to posting.”

But that was only me hiding further. After I posted about my free day I felt better than I had in a while- I mentioned my mojo returning. One random Fav on twitter got me to smile and go write a paragraph. More than I would have done on that day without the small interaction with someone I never met.

I need people. I like people. It’s why I write about people in interesting and strange and weird scenarios- because people are interesting. But I need to be around people too, not just the varying reflections of myself that I talk to in the form of characters.

What this 2am blog post boils down to is that I need to interact with people- for the good of my work, myself, and for your good.

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