More editing

I am rereading Larkspur. I found yet another small error that I had to correct, and I realized that I haven’t read through the whole story from start to end in over a year. So I’m reading it with ‘fresh’ eyes, and doing a bit of clean up- adding a few more sentences about what is going on (where before I had half a page of pure dialogue) for instance.

With writing Delphinium I’ve found out more things about my world and my writing.  I’ve gotten better at writing longer scenes- I just hadn’t written a long complete work before Larkspur, and so there are ‘scenes’ where there’s barely a paragraph. It didn’t bother me then, but now it seems like I could have put so much more.

(Now I’m not going to expand the story so much that it’s a new book- that isn’t fair to those that have read and liked it for what it is. But I do think I need to polish it). I’m only letting myself have the one read-through though.

I keep learning more about Clandestina, a land I thought I had sorted years ago in my head. But everything is a little different on paper and what is canon sometimes comes out different than whatever the original whimsy was. For instance, there’s a throw-away line in the first story where the Margrave of Bastoni asks who Pierre will heal. I meant it in a sort of ‘well you’re a noble, who will you actually treat as a patient’ but the further I get in Delphinium, the more I feel the fée are being oppressed in certain lands. Given the Margrave’s land is the invisible border between the human lands and Faery, there’s another whole layer that is unsaid- will you treat the fée? (I believe I mentioned in another post that the Margrave was originally just a random person, but turned out to be important and is related to Pierre).

So not to worry- I am sorting through things. I again apologize that it is taking far far longer than I thought it would to get this story done, but it will be at least five times the length of Larkspur.

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