Over 1000 followers?!

I’m moving my stuff back over to the free wordpress site because it seemed I got less traffic/comments on wordpress.org, plus the benefits of more widgets was minimal. I had a neat pop-up window where you could sign up for my mailing list- but frankly I know those annoy me more than invite me to type in my information.

So I’m resetting widgets and notice there’s two ‘follow me’ buttons. The first is one where you follow someone because you too have wordpress. I have 111 of those lovely people ❤ The second is one where you can follow even if you do not have a wordpress, just via email. I didn’t realize there was a difference and put it up as well.

In parenthesis on the main page it tells me how many others are following with this method.


One thousand one-hundred fifty seven

That is far far more people than I thought who care about my work or my rambling. I was hesitant last year to move blogs because of the 111, but over a thousand?!

Wow. Just wow and thank you. I’m sure some of you didn’t know I changed sites and missed me, so- I’m back. There’s a lot (well, some) backlog that I moved over as well so hopefully those will get some new reads and comments over the next few days.

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