New Project – Incubo

First of all, I am *not* giving up on Delphinium. I am merely starting another project to work on alongside it. Looking at Delphinium and forcing myself to glare at the words is not getting me anywhere and might actually be hurting the project.

(Neither am I giving up on my Scenes, though they haven’t been my priority 😦 ).

The reason I feel like I can mention this second project (a so-far-stand-alone novel of Ibella that is something of a set up to a series) is because I just wrote a thousand words for it in the last half hour (writing sprints with friends = best motivator). It’s done what my Scenes were an attempt to do- get me to write without worry and for the fun of it.

(Now that I’ve finished the sprint I’m starting to question the setup and a few thematic similarities to the Larkspur books… but my friends are telling me to just hush and write).

And yes, this is the revamped Ibella I mentioned last night. I haven’t even changed that much, but something in my mindset shifted and made everything clear where before it was fuzzy.  I can see how the ancients would think this sort of revelation is from the muses.

The tentative title is Incubo and I actually already have a cover made- I’d found the perfect picture ages ago and mocked up something quick then. I may have already posted it here under a different title before I had a plot. Changed a few things like the title and have now what I think is a lovely cover (if NSFW in a classical way).

Brownie points to anyone who can point out the significance (I think one-word titles with significant meanings is also going to be a thing I do).



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