Bad guys, grey characters, and love

I’m fleshing out the story for Incubo and a lot of things are being moved around and interpreted through different lenses. (I keep forgetting how much changes during the ‘actually writing it down’ phase- you get to know characters and their motivations far more deeply, so your original sketched out plans are well- sketches in comparison). I had this fairly generic ‘bad guy’ character. He wasn’t supposed to have another side to himself aside from ‘bad guy’ and letting the heroine and her love interest have their thing.

But now I’m getting some “grey” characteristics from him. And give how the story is going, it’s possible this could turn into.. a bit of a love triangle. Now, I wouldn’t even mind that much, but love-triangles are getting hate lately. And I’m among the haters. I dislike the will-they-won’t-they we’re-pretending-there-are-two-choices-but-we-all-know-one-is-the-real-MainCharacter-here that happens for 3 books.

Given that Larkspur has hints of a triangle I’m loathe to do it again so soon, even though that was a subversion in so much that there is a clear couple and the third wasn’t really considered.

I could of course go with it- see where this story goes with the greying of the characters (which happens a lot to me) and if there’s a triangle- so be it. It is a fairly well known trope/cliche for a reason after all. Or I can try and shove him back into the twirls-his-moustace-and-ties-ladies-to-train-tracks level of baddie and forget it.

Am I really being torn between possible character development, but at the cost of what I consider an annoying cliche? I mean, how often is more than one person in love with one individual? And yet it can happen, so who I am to deny it (beside you know, the author-God of the whole thing).

EDIT: To be fair though, given the setting, it would be more of a love square which is different than a triangle.



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