Scraps and rewrites

I keep everything I write. I have a separate file just called “Bits and Pieces” and anything I write and may not want to keep I move there. Usually that’s the end of it, and the scraps pile up over time and drafts, but sometimes I read through old work.

I found parts for Larkspur that expanded the story, made it longer and less confined to the palace. The timeline was longer too, it didn’t all happen in the course of a week. And I found some really good lines and scenes that I wish I had used.

The main problem folk have gotten from Larkspur is that it’s short and cuts off. Entirely true- I wanted to finish the story and publish it, say I did, have it done so I could feel accomplished. Since then I’ve often wanted to fix it, wished I had done it another way, but I generally just went with ‘It’s already published, I should leave it.’

Today I’m considering rewriting it with the old extended plot.

I can’t tell if that’s a good idea or a stupid one, if I should just let it go and continue with Delphinium. It’s probably more of a whim than anything and it may pass by tonight, but for now I’m thinking about it.

I’d need a new title probably. And then there’s the small annoying part about ‘which version counts’ and what is canon. I’d take Larkspur-as-it-is down, and well- like 300-500 people have bought/read it, so it isn’t like it was a best-seller. The new (actually old) version would be ‘right’ and parts of Delphinium would need a tweak here and there.

Maybe I should reread Larkspur as it is now and see if it gives me a reason to keep it. I mean, I did publish *that* version after all. Maybe I’m just wasting time with this.

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