I really do need the extra few days..

..to make sure all my scenes work within my timeline. Writing a bit in Delphinium tonight, I paused to do some math and seems I lost a few years of Pierre’s life. I knew the roi and reine fostered him from around 12-13, and I subsequently assumed that was around the time his parents died/disappeared. But nope, a timeline I had worked on earlier had that happen when he was seven.

So there’s about five years of time where I’m realizing Pierre lived with Ophion and Eglė. No wonder he’s so close to his uncle, magic aside even. Makes sense as well- when he was becoming a teen it was realized that he’d need a more politically-inclined education. Ophion would have become Lord Physician around that time and so they would be in and around the castle.

Now I’m writing this for two reasons- A) so I don’t forget this (it’s past 2am and I’m going to fall asleep soon), and B) to expand on how a writer (or at least I) think and plot. More often than now I have a general idea of how old everyone is and what order things go in, but that’s about it. I like figuring out the fine details, but that comes with revision and changing things around now and again.

So I’ve already tweaked the Kiss scene to reflect the small change (Pierre’s dialogue about when he was taken in to be fostered).

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