Timeline comparison

A quick timeline comparison between Larkspur and Delphinium. I’m really loving how this program works and how it helps me visualize order and time. Bonus awesome: it syncs with Scriviner.

And to compare:

Larkspur takes place from the evening of the 14th to the morning of the 23rd, all in the month of Prima. A week and a day.

Delphinium, though, spans months. From the 29th of Prima/March to the 4th of Agostis/August.

Timelime comparison

Thing is, with how I’m breaking up the story, Aconitella/Book 3 could span years. Consolida/Book 4 will for sure.  Good news: between Scrivener and this new program I’m getting far better at plotting and organizing. Bad news (ish) the books may exponentially go from ‘a long short story’ to ‘novella’ to ‘massive epic.’

Making tea and staying up tonight to write. I may try and visualize Aconitella and Consolida a bit better to get a grasp on things going forward.

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