Distances and traveling (and being nitpicky)

Oh my goodness, I’ve gone and needed to add a few more lines into Larkspur. Again! This issue was not with the social addresses of nobility, but with distance and time traveled.

This is something that many fantasy writers, I reckon, don’t check. I didn’t, certainly in not so fine detail until now.

So in Larkspur Lizzy’s mother, the comtesse, and Ophion leave to go to Eichel. Ophion’s daughter is pregnant and they want to make it there for the birth. They leave on the 15th, and the child is born on the 21st. But when I look at the map I have Eichel being at least 11 days away by carriage. So they’d be only half-way there.


Now, I can change the map… probably easier to do that overall. But I like my map and it’s easier to edit some text right now at 3:18am. I implied in the original that Lady Eichel was already home, but in this change I made the note that she was still traveling when she heard about Eglė (thankfully communication isn’t that stunted between places. Homing pigeons are beasts, and they can fly at 30mph on average, with short bursts up to 60mps, traveling ~700 miles a day if needed). I do note that Ophion rides ahead to try and make it in time, a lone rider being able to travel twice as fast as one burdened with a carriage. (I later open up a conversation in Delphinium about whether he got there).

I am both exhausted and exhilarated by all this stupid-ass nerdy technical stuff. I know most of my readers won’t notice, or care, and it really serves no purpose other than to satisfy myself- but I like this sort of junk. To the few hundred people that have downloaded Larkspur or bought it- I am very sorry I keep changing small bits and pieces. They aren’t anything big, or too important, unless you’re super nerdy about it (and if you are, I assume you come to my blog, so I’m clearing it up). I did ask Amazon to alert you to changes and I think they may do it this time :p so there’s that.



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