About Scenes

It’s about time for me to put up another one-shot Scene here. The problem is I keep drifting back to Clandestina. Makes sense, I’ve been working primarily with those characters and that realm, but I did really want to use the scenes to show and explore more of the world.

Problem is I’m still holding myself back. I’m trying to figure out where the first books in each realm will be, and should I only write about things that happen before, or am I allowed to ‘spoil’ future knowledge in 1K word chunks? It certainly isn’t the norm for how stories are told.

I have a similar issue with Clandestina too. There are characters a generation later than ‘now’ that I think have great scenes, but I feel like I can’t write them yet. Is it really a spoiler though to mention that certain couples are still couples, and also had children? That is kinda my thing- I write about families throughout generations. People still got into Dragonball knowing that Goku married in Dragonball Z (… yeah, I’ve been watching Super. Can’t wait for the new arc).

Plus, people *like* spoilers. Love them, even. That is the entire point of a trailer, of promo images, of ‘next week on..’ – you always know less than you think you do, but it gives you something to think about, ponder, and look forward to. Which is what I’m hoping to accomplish with the Scenes.

For this next scene I may go ahead with the Clandestina one, but I’ll have to let myself relax and write more in future.

To preview the Scene: it’s about Ophion, years before Larkspur, when he meets his adoptive daughter Eglė. That story as a whole I’m planning on making into a novelette, but this scene happens near the start and works as a stand-alone moment too.


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