Mini update

Still here! I’ve been busy this week and not really able to do much work, but it has cleared my head in a good way. I’m aiming to put up the Scene this weekend (different than the one I mentioned before actually). Honestly I’m surprised I’m still doing the Scenes, these types of ideas often flare up fast and quick for me, but I seem to be sticking to them. Also have a tentative idea for another type of post, Playing with Language, where I mention and explain my not-really-clever reasons for picking certain words, terms, or names. Half the time I only come up with the ‘clever’ part after šŸ˜›

Oh, and The Fantasy Blog Critic has mentioned Larkspur!

Larkspur was an interesting title and a short story/novelette which left its mark by mixing dark fantasy with romance. The author has to be lauded for mixing many things in such a short space and the ending left me wanting to know more about the main character and the world.”

It was in their batch for The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off started by Mark Lawrence. They broke up their 30 books into groups of 5 and are going through them in rounds. Sadly Larkspur didn’t win, but it got a nice little mention that brightened my day.

One thought on “Mini update

  1. I just checked my emails and read your newsletter. That’s an AWESOME review for LARKSPUR from the Fantasy Book Critic!! It sounds like you just narrowly missed being selected. That review is FANTASTIC!! Congratulations!! I’m so happy it got a good review, no negative things mentioned at all – I couldn’t imagine anything less for your wonderful book. šŸ™‚ Best Wishes, Marilyn


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