Blog updates

So I’ve started to try and organize this blog slightly better than before. I realized the vast majority of my posts are just under ‘Uncategorized’  and my use of tags is flimsy.

For now I’m working with Categories. They are now off to the right for you to see clearly, with the number of posts in each category also shown. You can either click on the more specific subcategories, or the main one, and get all the posts about that subject. One main category for Scenes, and another for my new ever-expanding ‘worldbuilding’ project, which is now up to Playing with Languages, Mythology, and Magic.

I did post another quick thing in Playing with Languages, and I know I planned on the next Scene being put up too, but honestly.. I was out catching pokemon. Sorry, not sorry (Team Mystic! Snow Will Fall!).

I’ll get back to more writing this week. I’ve caught enough pokemon that I don’t need to get every pidgey, and walking around the local parks has helped clear my head in a good way.

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