So.. shipping is serious business.

For the unaware, ‘shipping’ refers to (relation)shipping- the desire to see two (or more) characters in a romantic pairing. This can take the form of fanfiction, fan-art, screeching when it becomes canon, ignoring all evidence when it doesn’t turn out to be canon, and other varying levels of madness.

Typically for the purposes of announcing your fics/art as a certain ship there’s a couple-name that’s given to your chosen pair. In real life this was ‘Brangelina’ for instance. Dramione is the pairing of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. Sometimes it’s a bit more than just squishing the names together, ‘Harmony’ is Harry Potter and Hermione. Add in Luna Lovegood and it changes to ‘Lunar Harmony.’ Sometimes names just don’t go that well together and for Snape and Hermione we tend to just see SS/HG. Other times the ‘ships’ are given ‘proper names’ – like Sirius/Hermione being the S. S. Puppy Love.

… Yes, I ship Hermione with just about anyone not Ron.

But the most common are said squished together portmanteau names. And because I’m me, and I spend far too much time on this sort of thing, I began thinking about what my characters’ ship names would be and decided to declare some. So far I only have a few I like, and one isn’t canon (but who am I to judge after everyone I like Hermione with?).

Pierre/Elizabeth – Pierreth

Pierre/Mora – Morierre

Piers/Eglė – Epiers

Of course I have a lot of other characters and varying (canon and not-canon) pairings, but most of that would be spoilers and mean very little to you.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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