The Noctuinad Wiki (help me pick a design)

I am working on an official wiki. There will be two versions, my personal version with *all* the information about Noctuina and a public one for you. The public one will be updated as new books, stories, and lore comes out of the woodwork and onto amazon and my blog.

Now this is being made with Tiddlywiki Classic and a variation of the tiddlypedia theme. I’ve played with the CSS a little to make it more into something I like (namely making all the fonts Times New Roman). Aside from that it still looks fairly like wikipedia, and I am wondering whether I want it to stay that plain. On one hand it is easier to read and we’re all used to how wikipedia looks, on the other hand I do love old paintings that I think bring the feel of Noctuina to you.

So you get to choose! Here’s the two versions I’m playing with right now- plain on the left, and my personal version on the right (you’ll notice a few of the tiddlers are different). I can either keep them visually separate, make the soon-to-be-online one look like the one on the right, or tweak it some more (mostly look for other pictures that might look good as a background).

Wiki comparison.jpg

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