Inconsistencies, patches, and Larkspur 1.07

(I’m guessing on the version number by the way)

I released Larkspur over 3 years ago. Since then I’ve grown as a person and an author. I can see it in how I’m writing Delphinium and in general as well.

Last night I was reading over Larkspur to double-check something and realized I had inconsistencies. Two, maybe three depending on how you count it. These were things that once I noticed I could not un-see and it bothered me greatly that I had them in a book I released so long ago. No one else had noticed them (whether because no one cared, they were hard to spot, or another reason I’m not sure) but that didn’t matter. I stayed up way too late fixing them and making them work for future readers.

Mostly it was small things- like how Aimé could in no way start his journey from where he was living, receive a message that Pierre was sick, and meet Pierre the next day (it’s a two week trip by carriage), so I added in that he had already been traveling and almost at the castle (thankfully carrier pigeons are fast little mofos and a message could go through. Also added the mention in book 2 that the pigeons were magically modified to be able to find people specifically as well, not just home, as that’s how regular carrier birds work).

I also realized I had Pierre call Pluta magically in the last part of the book, but called out to her at the start- fixed that by adding his magic wasn’t working well at the beginning (made sense too, so that’s nice).

And I made one small change in dialogue- Pierre mentioned something about fée rings and I realized that it would more likely be said by Elizabeth, so changed who said it.

That’s all (for now). For a 15K book I’m quite annoyed that there were so many issues still. None of my writer-friends who read it noticed it, and neither did the editor and copyeditor that helped me out.

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