Chapters 1-14, the first 40% or so of Delphinium, has been sent to my betas!!!

Part II of Delphinium will aim to be ~70,000. I have 24 chapters, I like my chapters around 3K. I assume some will go over, others under, and some may combine or cease to exist entirely lowing the wordcount some.
I am taking a vacation (once the damn thing’s approved) end of August/start of September. I hope it’ll be approved *grumble*
But I can decide that’s my end date to get out part 2 to my betas.
So, by September 12th, I will try and get chapters 15 – 38 done. That gives me a daily wordcount of … 1015 words (already have 26.3K written). Very doable really. I did 3K today between worrying, procrastinating, and drinking waaay too much caffeine.
Then I have the rest of September for that to be beta’d, me to get it back, stick parts 1 and 2 together, and then pick a day in October to release!
This is, as the first one was, written in pencil not blood. Much of it depends on said betas, whether my vacation happens, if I get hit by a bus, or how life decides to mess with me again. But it’s possible, and a pretty reasonable goal.
So it’s my aim for now.
(And yes, I am still under the effects of that lovely lovely caffeine).

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