Busy bee 🐝

I finally have gotten my shit together. Well, some of it. It’s in a messy pile at least.

Today I sent out a newsletter, the first one in over a year (and I received *two* responses from fans who missed me! ❀). I also updated Patreon, got back onto deviantART and Facebook, fixed some covers, figured out what to write next, and am now updating this blog!


I forgot that I loved this crazy-rush of marketing and writing and being so sunk into my world and work.

It began two weeks ago when I realized that the wiki format was *not* working for me. That is, it’s fine as a wiki for fans, but I was making a separate one with spoilers for myself as a series bible, and the hassle was not worth it. So I mostly used that as an excuse not to do work, and then went back to video games and anime.

BUT I then realized that I had OneNote. A program I had used before, but never to its full extent, and so I began moving over my spoiler-wiki over. And it fits perfectly. I can make small comments and links, and even paste images that I can also add links to. It opened up my brain and got me super into worldbuilding again.

So I also had to get back to writing. Chapters I had been stuck on now had answers, and I *enjoyed* writing again. First time in a long time.

And then came all the rest of that πŸ™‚

I went a little nitpicky for a bit with my work and went back-and-forth with some silly changes, some stayed, and others were erased after I went through with it πŸ˜›

(For a little bit I thought about changing the word ‘plane’ to ‘demesne’ to make it more fancy. I even went through and changed the word in the manuscript and the Scenes, and then I realized it didn’t look quite right. So I went back and changed it again πŸ˜› I don’t think anyone bought a copy of Larkspur for the 4 hours I had changed the word in one spot, but if you did- congrats! Rare copy.

I did see another small thing and tweak it in Larkspur though, just how I phrased a sentence. And in the Scenes here I also changed a name that I realized was not what I wanted (Morgaine’s full name changed from Morgaine OphΓ©lie to Morgaine Ophelia)).

But beside those nitpicks, I am still working on Delphinium. I’m at 98,200 words, and not done yet. For a good frame of reference it’s going to be about the size of Prisoner of Azkaban (107,253 words). Or, almost seven times as long as Larkspur.

For those of you who are on deviantART, I also came back to a really old account! I’m uploading the varying covers I’ve made, and adding my Scenes there too πŸ™‚


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