I have been organizing my writing-life for the past three weeks. I realized I had a jumbled mess of scraps, writing, worldbuilding, and art in random places online, and very few of the places even had the same amount of stuff.

I just finished adding all of my Scenes to all of my online profiles. They aren’t all always in the same order, but all 17 of the current Scenes are up (including the first scene from Larkspur, which I realized I might as well add as a ‘Scene’). From now on they should be in the same order, bypassing any ‘spoiler’ Scenes that Patreon may receive before anyone else.

So choose whichever platform you prefer, this blog included, to read the Scenes. There are no differences in the stories (unless I fix a spelling error in one and forget to update the rest…). They are considered soft-canon: canon, but I may change the fine details if I realize something is off with a date, or a term (which, frankly, I do with my published work too. Things slip by and you notice them later on). I will do my best to go back and change them when I notice a mistake so they are basically right though.

This blog:




There are some differences in that dA will have cover art and other art as well. Patreon will be getting ‘spoiler’ future Scenes, and cover art and commentary as well. Wattpad will just be the stories, but maybe you use that and comment on it most, so it’s there for you too.

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