New game plan

It’s 5:08 am. I’m running off of caffeine, insanity, and stubbornness. I think I just flipped my *entire* writing life upside-down. This is just crazy enough to work, and I need it to work.

So, as you may have noticed, I’ve been getting a lot of stuff together lately. I made plans. I was going to write Scenes on Royal Road and Wattpad while I finished Delphinium, and got new readers, and got new patrons, and became a success!

And then someone pointed out that short no-context sometimes-not-even-1000-words Scenes that changed POV, land, time period, and barely connected, was… not a great way to get readers.

And blah, they were right!

But I didn’t want to give up on all of these amazing plans. So I double-checked a few things and am taking the plunge.

The serialization will continue… and it will be The Courting of Life and Death.

You might be thinking, well, that looks familiar… and you’re right, it is! Because it is also known as Stories of Clandestina, which begin with The Larkspur Quartet.

I am going to be posting Larkspur… and then Delphinium, and then Aconitella, and Consolida. And then the Quadrille Quartet, and then the Caro Quartet, and maybe some more stand-alone novels from Clandestina, and then the Quartet after that.

And they will be free online.

But, you may ask, how will you make money and live out your dream of being a writer! Simple– by writing.

The versions of those stories on Royal Road and Wattpad will be early drafts. They will not be the exact same version as those for sale. After I finish a serialized tale I will take it, edit it, polish it, add more to it, and then sell the final copy.

So you get to choose. Early rough draft and get the story asap, knowing there will be changes later, or wait and pay for my work after it’s been looked over and finished.

I’ll continue to use Patreon and I’ll be updating the rewards. Instead of Scenes it’ll be the next chapter early, or at high enough tiers, the finished books after they’re done.

This is going to take me a few days to get through and set up, so excuse any weirdness or shenanigan on my varying sites.

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