Let’s do this!

I have everything set up to begin my new life as a serial killer author. Patreon is up, tiers are tweaked, dropbox folders linked so that each tier can get early chapters 🙂

Royal Road has been set up too! It really is an amazing site, works great on mobile (though they’re making an app too), and there’s lots of good fantasy to read. The community is super nice too.

My Patreon: Get chapters early and other patron only posts ❤

The Courting of Life and Death, on Royal Road: (re)Read Larkspur and, starting Monday, start reading Delphinium. Please comment, rate, review– I’ve *already* had someone point out an inconsistency that no one else has. After 6 years, and hundreds of people reading Larkpur. So it’s been fixed, yay!

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