I’ve redone the website! The main blog is still here, but I’ll also be putting my serialized stories on WordPress, as well as Royal Road, so you can read wherever you are more comfortable. Links to where you can support me are now on the right, and the ‘front page’ is now a static Table of Contents for all of my stories. Each chapter ends with a ‘previous chapter’ and ‘next chapter’ links, so you don’t have to keep going back to the main page.

Like everywhere else right now, Larkspur is up, and Delphinium will begin serialization on Monday 🙂

I’ve also gone a step further and added dates in-story. When there’s a scene break and there’s a new day, I mention at the top the date, though my in-world calendar is a little different than ours. I’ll have to make worldbuilding posts again and show maps and the calendar and all that.

(This might get confusing when I get into planes of existence where time is more wonky, but I’ll figure something out…)

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