Checking in with y’all

It has been a while since I wrote a regular blog post and I thought I’d do that and let everyone know what’s up.

Writing has been going very well. Turning my books into web serials may have been one of the best decisions I’ve made beside just self-publishing in general. It’s gotten me many new readers, friends, and helped my motivation tons. I hope there are folk here who are reading the continuation of my story and enjoying it as I go ❤

Larkspur consists of only the first 6 chapters of The Courting of Life and Death. Chapters 7 – 51 (at the moment) are Delphinium (and I just recently broke 100K on the manuscript!). I have finished and put up to Chapter 41 on Patreon, and I’m working quickly to try and put more up there for fans who want to support me and get things early. Plus just plain finish. Which I should do during the month of August.

After I finish Dephinium I am going to probably cry, since it has taken so long, and then I am going to attempt to leave it alone for a while. I am going to continue writing with Aconitella and releasing that. Then I will put Delphinium through ProWritingAid, have some betas look it over, make a few tweaks, probably add things, delete other things, and put the shiny finished version up on Amazon to buy.

No pre-order this time. I’ve learnt my lesson.

I have also started a second series that I will begin to put online when I have enough backlog and can give early chapters on Patreon. This series is called The Wolf Within, with the first book being Of Fang and Sword. It is, like TCoLaD, a story I began as a young teen when I first started writing. Werewolves, werewolf-hunter-mages, politics, some magic, a moon goddess, and of course eventual romance, will be in this mediaeval fantasy.

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