New Year’s Resolution

I published my first book almost 7 years ago. I was in college, having written stories since I was in middle school, but never getting to finish anything.

I finally got to the end of what could be called a long-short-story/novelette- only 15K words. It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger too.

At the time ‘serials’ were still popular, or at least I had heard that they were, and so I thought I could do that. I assumed I could churn out another similarly sized sequel in a month or two (even though the original story took me two years) and so it would be fine.

Guess what? I did not finish the sequel in two months. Or two years. Or ever, really, because I’m still working on it. The 20K-30K-ish sequel turned into a 110K+ sequel and it just kept growing. Between life and worries and depression it took me years to get this far.

Thankfully I’m only 8 chapters from the end. I’ve learned a lot over the past seven years, both with writing and in life. My first book, beside being docked a star here or there for being too short, got great reviews. I gained a small following.

To help me finish the never-ending-sequel I began to serialize it. I took my teeny short story from KU and reposted it on Royal Road, and began to add the new chapters from book 2. I’m up to chapter 50. The first book only had about 6 chapters, if that.

I checked out my Amazon history to see how many books I sold over the years. And it turns out it’s just 656. Not 656 hundred, or thousand, just… a little over half a grand. In almost seven years.So while I’ve been slowly building a teeny following, gaining new readers from Royal Road, starting a Patreon… I really haven’t made that huge of an impact. My book hasn’t sold to a lot of people. I gave away a bit over 5000 free copies, but really, very few people bother to read those and we all know it.

I realized tonight that while I’ve ‘been a writer’ for almost seven years, I also haven’t even begun.
So it’s 2021. Book 2 of the series is almost finished. I’m going to edit it and put it on Amazon/B&N/Kobo, and keep serializing the next book. I have an idea for another series where I’ll do the same. Rough drafts on Royal Road, early chapters on Patreon, finished edited book going wide.

Maybe I can release at least two books this year. Book 2, and either book 3, or book 1 of the second series. And write every day and keep up the schedule. Because even though I’ve published one story, that was more of me just wanting to say I finished something, and not as much the start to my career.

This will be the start of my career.

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